• 2014 Beach Calendar

    I told myself I wasn't going to spend all the time this year putting together these little 5x7 desk calendars, but here I am,  posting them in my Etsy shop.
    I had enough photos this year to put together 2 different themes so far, this is the Beach one.
    The pages are loose 5x7 in size, and the photo is a cute little 5x5.
    So the great thing is, when the month is done, or the year is done, just cut along the bottom edge of the photo cutting the calendar part away, and you have 12 small photos suitable for framing. Or hanging on the fridge, or displaying on a desk.

    It just so happens that Ikea makes the perfect frame, in either black or white. And they even come with a matte, so they look really nice done in a grouping.

    Here's all 12 months for you to see, and if you decide it would make a nice stocking stuffer, you can find it in my Etsy shop HERE.

    2014 desk calendar, beach
    2014 desk calendar, beach
    2014 desk calendar, beach

     Here's the look in the Ikea frame

    And here's another cute way I found to display the 5x5 photos

     12 month carnival calendar up next!

    Thanks so much for stopping by......Sylvia Share